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My Dear Friend, 

I am glad you found yourself here. I hope we get to meet soon in person. In the meantime, let me walk you through the site very quick. 

You can learn more about me by reading the [About Alain Dagba] and the [testimonials]. 

I will highly recommend that you check out the Silence Writing Meditation and make the effort to attend one of the free classes either online or via zoom. 

And of course, most people's favorite is The Mysteries School. I believe that life is full of mysteries and far from being a puzzle. 

In a puzzle you get to see the full picture. In life, we have many moments of uncertainties...

...and the mysteries school is here to help you navigate through those uncertainties using spiritual wisdom.

So, I will say that's it for now. Oh, don't forget the Blog. I have started a movement called Spray Your Happiness. 

The fun part is you can begin the 6 Days Happiness Challenge with us. You will find it on the blog. It's exciting. Until the time I see you...

Much Love, 
Alain Dagba 
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