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My name is Alain Yaovi Mawuli Dagba AKA Alain Dagba. I am a father of three children. I am married to Danielle Dagba. 

I love good and healthy vegan foods. I love fasting, meditating, and praying. My passion is to teach, speak, write, and help people heal. 

Spirituality and Personal Development are my areas of expertise. 

I am passionate about wealth creation, entrepreneurship, multiple streams of income, and philanthropic works. 

I am glad you are here, My mission is to provide you with potent and honest value based insights, tools, and resources to assist you in creating...

...your personal happiness, your healthiest lifestyle in all areas, and your divine legacy of abundance for yourself, your loved ones, and the next generation. 

Once again, welcome. Until next time,

Much Love, 

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