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My name is Alain Dagba. As a spiritual teacher and a life coach for more than 20 years, I could tell you with assurance, that meditation is truly a medicine. It will be an honor to serve you as your private meditation instructor. 

    Meditation is the art of connecting to your SELF. It’s the power of your breath over your mind. A portal into the world of answers and deeper awareness. Meditation is the medicine of light that opens your heart energy center to sense, feel, release, heal, and restore. Meditation organizes your thoughts, make a space in your awareness for clarity. It relaxes your body and detoxes your emotions. Meditation keeps you grounded, increases your emotional intelligence, and provides you with an intuitive ability to create solutions to solve problems. Meditation allows you to be calm, to feel connected to the Higher Power beyond your mind and your body. As I present to you all the 6 types of meditations that I provide, you get to choose which one you currently need the most in your life. If this message speaks to you, then I would love to have a 30-minute consultation call with you to begin your wonderful journey with meditation Here are the 6 meditations I provide: 1) Meditation To Grieve With Grâce. 2) Meditation For Emotional Detox. 3) Meditation To Heal Your Relationships. 4) Meditation To Manifest Money. 5) Meditation To End Procrastination. 6) Meditation To Keep Happy Thoughts. BOOK A FREE CLARITY CALL
    EMOTIONAL DETOX is something we all must do on a daily basis. Everyday we process so many emotions; but only a few of us know how to detox. Especially those of us who lend an attentive ear to others… Listening to their issues and their problems… Therapists and coaches who listen to people’s issues for 7 to 8 hours a day, through repetition can begin to wire their brain into paranoia unless they detox or undo those data daily. You must learn to detox your emotional body daily because you are a human being living on this earth. Why is emotional detox important? First, you see the world through your emotions. And to see is to perceive. Second, by reliving the same toxic emotions you will keep on creating and attracting events and circumstances to match them—subconsciously. This is not a curse or a punishment. It’s simply how you create anything, either good or bad. What you also need is to stop seeing the past as a real time format. The negative past you experience as a trauma inside your brain and it’s more physiological than abstract. Five minutes ago is also part of the past. Anything you can remember is a past. The past simply means memory. So, you do not really heal a traumatic event, you heal your memory and re-wire your neurological connection to that memory. Imagine yourself with a new memory, not because the old one is gone, but because you have evolved the data it once contained into a height of wisdom that has allowed you to become a wiser, more grounded, and more connected human being. During my emotional detox meditation sessions with you, you will learn a lot about yourself and especially how to heal your emotional body on demand. If this message positively resonates with you, then I would love to meet for a 30 minute consultation and begin your beautiful journey of emotional detox. BOOK A FREE CLARITY CALL
    Friends, none of us would ever have enough of the presence of our loved ones (friends included). If anything, we would love to have them with us forever. So, when a loved one transitions into the realm, we all came from, we go through pain; and this pain comes with many questions we oftentimes have no clear answers for. Have I done enough to save them? How come God let this happen? Could it have been different if I had been there? Are they in a good place? Part of us believes that having answers to these questions will make us feel better. But, the healing of the pain of losing a loved one, when done in grace, by grace, and through grace, opens up our awareness to ask different questions. They dropped the physical body before they could enter a world made of less dense materials—light particles. Now that we are in two different worlds, we feel we lost them because the previous connection was based on us seeing each other with our physical eyes. So as I take you through this MEDITATION to GRIEVE with GRACE, we will clear out the painful uncertainties attached to those questions you may have, similar to the ones I mentioned earlier. Then, I will guide you into accepting death in general as it is. Because a deeper part of us does not want to accept death as part of life—even if at the intellectual level most of us will deny this fact. This deeper level of accepting death in a healthy way will cause a new light to be ignited inside your heart and open the way for you see your loved ones for who they have truly been in your life. From seeing the particular energies, they came to give you to why they came into your life through the process of incarnation, and from understanding their soul contract to how you can honor their existence and departure… …you will come to live your own life in the most fulfilling, deeper, and profound way to honor the gift they were to you and are to you. Then you will begin to understand that even their departure is a gift. If this message positively resonates with you, then I would love to meet for 30 minutes consultation and begin your beautiful journey of healing with grace. BOOK A FREE CLARITY CALL
    NEGATIVE THOUGHTS are not the issue. This is not a statement to sound controversial. If a tree is producing bad fruits, do you work on the fruits or the tree? Do you see where the issue is? You can’t stop negative thoughts. They are the fruits of your mind. What you need is to create a new mind from a new brain. This is called re-wiring. Pushing away your negative thoughts makes them stronger because they consume the energy you apply to push them away to gain strength. Why would you push them away anyway? They are your own energy. That’s why you get tired and drained trying to push your own energy away. The secret is found in what we call silence writing meditation with a blindfold, a technique to re-wire your brain and mind through a deep self-inquiry. If you would like to learn more about how to transform your mind so that it can produce and keep happy thoughts, I would love to have a 30-minute consultation with you to start your journey of meditation to keep happy thoughts. BOOK A FREE CLARITY CALL
    MONEY is a logo. It represents something bigger than itself. To be paid money is people’s way in the society to say THANK YOU for saying YES to your: Idea Gift Talent Passion … So money is a logo that represents everything people have to experience before they can create a product or a service. When you turn what’s inside you into a business to serve people you become someone different. What you have inside you is someone’s answered prayer. Where do I start? I am afraid. What if it does not work? These are the questions that get people stuck. Don’t let that happen to you. You did not come into this world to play it safe and die after having lived a useless life. You came here to make manifest what’s inside you. This is part of your soul contract. All you need is to have the right people to guide you, people who have been there, people who know the tools to help you turn your inside world into your outside reality as a business. To learn more about how to turn your ideas, passion, talents, gifts, energies and hobby into money, I would love to chat with you for 30 minutes. If this message positively resonates with you, then book a consultation session with me BOOK A FREE CLARITY CALL
    RELATIONSHIPS are not about “being on the same page.” If you must be on the same page, then one of you is becoming a sacrifice. And when a partner becomes a sacrifice to please you, you will always lose in the end. Relationships are about being part of the same book while exploring each other’s stories or pages. FIRST Relationships are not psychological in nature. They are spiritual, and until you grasp this truth you will try to use your mind to “make your relationship work” and find it very difficult. SECOND You can’t really heal a relationship or work on a relationship. These ideas are not truly real. If your relationship is going to grow and expand into what you want it to be, you are going to have to grow and expand. The relationship is an effect, you are the cause. You can’t work on an effect. You must work on the cause. You can’t heal a consequence or a symptom. You must heal the cause. Does that make sense? You are the cause. You are the relationship. You are the one who needs healing. “Chemistry” is scientific and alchemical. We use that word lightly in our romantic relationships. If you don’t know the right ingredients and how to mix them to have the correct chemistry, you will create chaos. Love is a spiritual science that begins with knowing yourself and how the human being that you are operates and functions. Until you do that, you will spend your entire life trying to preserve your first love for each other; a love that is meant to die in order to resurrect at least every two and half years to evolve into its highest state. Love must grow. And most couples don’t understand that. So when the first love starts to die, they panic and create conflicts and divorce or breakup. And here is the truth, both partners don’t have to be going through the healing for it to work. Once two colors are mixed, the moment one color changes the chemistry must become different. If this message positively resonates with you, then I would love to meet for 30 minutes consultation and begin your beautiful journey of “healing” your relationship BOOK A FREE CLARITY CALL
    PROCRASTINATION is a dis—ease of the mind, not yours. It’s the mind that has made itself complicated to the point it can’t find its own power to move its energy forward. That’s the source of procrastinating. The good news is the mind is yours. Your own mind and can heal the mind. So, even saying “I am a procrastinator” is not correct or true. Your mind is the procrastinator. The sad news is when the mind is not healed or de-complicated, it will end up ruining many opportunities that could have been great blessings to you. The mind that procrastinates also overthinks everything. This complicated mind can also ruin your relationships, your career, even your health. Procrastination is something that can affect your potential and make you feel like a loser or a failure. The first mistake is to try to fix yourself or fix the procrastination. It’s the mind that needs fixing not you, not procrastination. Procrastination is just a name given to a complicated and overthinking mind. If you would like to learn more about this meditation to end procrastination, I would love for us to chat for 30 minutes and perhaps begin your meditation journey to end procrastination. BOOK A FREE CLARITY CALL


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