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Alain Dagba is a Life Coach and a Spiritual Teacher. He and his wife Danielle Dagba are the founders of the Happiness Retreat Center, and the creators of the well known Soul Journey Spiritual Masterclass/Academy. 

Alain Dagba is a writer, a poet, an artist, a philosopher, and a psychologist. He has written many pieces on leadership, personal growth, the mind and the science of the brain, the laws of the universe, the biofield and the physical body, romantic relationships, parenting, and more. 

Alain Dagba is known for his scientific approach to spirituality and the human life as well as his great sense of humor and simplicity. He is also referred to as a spiritual healer, a minister, and a prophet by some. Alain is a father of three children. He lives with his family in Southern California. 


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Joseph Desince

"I met Professor Alain Dagba in a very mysterious way. I was actually planning on checking out of life when a friend of mine told me that his Spiritual Teacher wanted to meet me. Since then, my life has changed completely."

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Julie Ann Meyer

"If you meet Teacher Alain on your path, it's probably because someone is about to shift in your existence.. him and his wife have greatly contributed to my awakening and success. The things that unfold in my life from the time I met him cannot be explained with the rational mind. It's pure grace and love."


Sarah Stockham

"I met Alain at a spiritual gathering I had at my house. I knew back then that we were meant to do something together. I could not really put my finger on it at that time. But, WOW, now I look back. It was too large of a sight to be able to see when we first met. He is an amazing human being."

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Kathy Tree

"Spiritual Teacher Alain Dagba has becoming the Teacher of my heart first because he does not teach non-sense. Second, he allows his Higher-Self to truly radiate through him and teach others to do the same. He is an amazing teacher."

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Herlay Divine

"I met Alain, my Spiritual Father, when I was 16, at a prayer gathering. Now I am a mother with children and I own multiple businesses. All these happen because I met Alain and his wife. This is hard to explain but when you meet a person like Alain, it's impossible to remain the same ."

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Tony Neale

"Teacher Alain is simply a zest of life. He has brought that zest of life into my soul, my marriage, and my business. I cannot explain everything about him. But the man is full of passion, enthusiasm, wisdom, love, compassion, and determination to help."

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"I don't know where to start. But, Teacher Alain is the real deal. If you follow what he teaches and you apply the principles, there is no way you won't come with a testimony. He is for what works. He is funny, down-to-earth, simple, and very focus. I actually became his personal barber. Amazing!

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