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Alain Dagba is a Life Coach and a Spiritual Teacher. He and his wife Danielle Dagba are the founders of the Happiness Retreat Center, and the creators of the well known Soul Journey Spiritual Masterclass/Academy. 

Alain Dagba is a writer, a poet, an artist, a philosopher, and a psychologist. He has written many pieces on leadership, personal growth, the mind and the science of the brain, the laws of the universe, the biofield and the physical body, romantic relationships, parenting, and more. 

Alain Dagba is known for his scientific approach to spirituality and the human life as well as his great sense of humor and simplicity. He is also referred to as a spiritual healer, a minister, and a prophet by some. Alain is a father of three children. He lives with his family in Southern California. 


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Holistic Health Coach

"When I first met Alain he told me things about myself and my life that only I knew. 

I have worked with Alain for a long time and have benefited a lot from his coaching. 

His knowledge about the mind, the brain, the laws of the universe, the body, and how life works is simply fascinating."



Actor & Singer

"Words cannot explain how Alain Dagba has been helpful to me. 

I can truly and honestly say that I am who I am today and where I am today because this man came into my life. 

His knowledge of the source of our suffering and pains, the mind and the brain, and the spiritual realm is truly powerful and real."

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Fitness Trainer 

"I don't know where to begin with Alain Dagba. Before I started to work with Alain I was dealing with anxiety almost daily.


I did not believe in myself and it was hard not to feel depressed when challenges come my way. Working with Alain has changed all that. It's truly amazing and powerful."




"I was guided to Teacher Alain when he was in Boston, MA. The man is unique. 

His understanding of the mind, the brain, God, and why we suffer is simply powerful. 

He always says that understanding is the beginning of healing. I came to see that's absolutely true."

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Children's Coach

"Alain Dagba has helped me unfold my dream. His coaching is very practical and result oriented. 

He has helped me establish my coaching business and is always ready to help and empower people. 

Working with Alain Dagba has benefited me more than I expected."

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Musician & Educator

"I found Alain Dagba on YouTube when I needed someone to seriously give me guidance and help me navigate through life with the right insights and wisdom. 

Alain was the perfect person for me. Since working with Alain life has never been the same. It's better and greater."



Financial Coach

First of all, Alain Dagba is unique. And he is someone who delivers way more than what you pay for--so awesome. 

Alain has helped me unlock my coaching gift to a greater level of potency and impact. 

His understanding of the mind, the brain, and how we deal with life is simply amazing and liberating.'



CEO, Punch Press

"I was able to let go of the depression meds I was taking after I went through an intense 40 days fasting, body cleansing, mental detox, meditation, and spiritual journey with Alain. 

Alain has become my good friend, a family to me, and my company's leadership mentor. Alain coaches people from the heart and he cares"




"Alain Dagba has been my mentor from the last 20+ years to this day. This man has been a great blessing in my life--a great blessing.


I am who I am today and where I am today because of his love and teachings and guidance. Thank you Alain for being who you are."