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How To Manifest Your Desires Without Feeling Empty & Losing Your Connection With Yourself.

30 minutes of reading every day is all you need to start immediately experiencing a deep connection to who you truly are. 

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Yes, you want to manifest your desires. But isn't it because you want to experience happiness? What if what you manifest does not bring you that happiness? What if it could actually take away your happiness? Would you want it?
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In the end, all you really want to manifest is your experience of happiness. That's what you really want. And what if through this eBook, you could begin to experience that? Do you think your life will become much more enjoyable and exciting? Of course. 

What Should I Expect To Experience,
This eBook?

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Some people experience emotional healing. Some people experience daily joy and peace of mind. Some people experience a deep groundedness in their identity. Some believe the book is a talisman of good luck. I have heard so many testimonials. Some shared that their way of manifesting their desires has become more peaceful and more fluid. Your experience will be different because you are different. 
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Danielle Dagba

The celestial wisdom my husband channeled into this book are the foundations of our marriage, parenting, and business success.

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Clara Diaz

The book seems to operate in one's psyche as a talisman. It's as if the book knows your thoughts and is answering questions you have been wondering about. 

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Aaron Wilson

As an actor, a singer, and a song writer, my career has took off in many ways because of the same wisdom in this book. 

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Emma Paul

The book is very profound. You gotta be ready for it. The prayers and affirmations are very powerful. You can feel them while reading them. It's a great book.

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Mackenly Paul

I read the book more than four times. Each time I read it, I learn something new. It's as if the book is updating itself. 

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Joseph Desince

When I first got the book from my professor, I didn't know how powerful it is. I waited for a while to read it. I was not ready for it. Now, I can say the book is a revelation.

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